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How can You & Co help me?

You & Co will work with you from the moment you experience or witness a crime, until when you and your worker feel that you no longer need our support.

You and Co badge on a woman in a blue jumper

We concentrate our work on helping you to:

  • feel safer and be safer
  • reduce the risks of you becoming a victim again by helping you and adults around you to make your surroundings safer
  • make safer choices
  • help you move on from your experiences in a positive way.

What does You & Co do?

Our projects include helping children and young people who experience all types of crime including:

  • Bullying
  • Domestic abuse or relationship abuse
  • Online crime
  • Sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation
  • Burglary
  • Gangs and street violence

How will You & Co work with me?

Our projects have both staff and volunteers that will always be guided by you in how best to support you. We can work with you one to one, you can come to one of our groups or we may work in your school or youth club.  We will always meet with you in your own time, in your own space. As well as working with you, if you agree, we will also work with other people who work with you to make sure that we join up and give you the best support available.

What is one to one work?

You and your worker will develop an action plan together and find out the best way to help you. Your action plan may help you to look at your feelings and emotions, ways to help you cope, ways to stay safe and plans for the future. Your worker can also help you voice your opinions and have a say in decisions made about you, as well as helping you speak to others you want to help you, such as teachers at school. 

What is group work?

You & Co workers may run some group work sessions where they bring young people together to share experiences, learn new skills and build confidence and self-esteem. We will always ensure group work is inclusive, which means we will make sure everybody is able to take part.

What do you do in schools?

You & Co workers may run sessions in your school that can cover a range of topics including victim awareness, bullying, domestic violence, relationship abuse and online safety. These sessions will be developed for your school, and we can offer support after the sessions if you think you might need further help.

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