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How do I make a complaint about another organisation?

If you feel you are not getting the support that you should from an organisation (for example, the police, children’s services or the Crown Prosecution Service), you can complain to that organisation at any time.

Every organisation has a complaints process and a trusted adult can help you make a complaint. If you do not have a trusted adult who can help, then the organisation who you are complaining against should help you find someone.

If you feel comfortable doing so, you should first talk about your complaint with the person you have been dealing with. If you are still unhappy after this then you should use the complaints process.


How You & Co can help

You & Co can help you to make a complaint about other organisations. We can support you to make a complaint or help you find someone who can support you to do this. 

If you would like this help from You & Co, please fill out this online form. We will get in touch with you within five to seven days of receiving your form.

You can also find out more about what you can expect from organisations, and what to do if you think they have given you a bad service, on our What are my rights? page. It includes tips on how to make a complaint. 

You may find our Journey to Justice and Interactive Courtroom spaces helpful, too. They guide you through the criminal justice process and the courts, and tell you what your rights are at each step.