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Covering your tracks

Important lessons in supporting survivors of child sexual abuse

13 April 2016

You & Co staff have been working on a very important project in which we've talked to adult survivors of child sexual abuse about their experiences as children.

These adults have told us how difficult it was when they were children, and how  we can make it easier for children and young people to tell us about abuse. We used all of this information and advice to put together a guide for support workers looking at how survivors say they would like to be treated.

This guide was launched at two events, one in London and one in Manchester, at the end of March. Lots of people came to the events, including guests from other charities and the survivor consultants who helped us so much in creating the guide.

There were speeches and workshops on different topics linked to supporting survivors of sexual abuse, such as what might stop children telling someone about sexual abuse and how we can help people from a range of different communities.

Find out more about sexual abuse, including information on child sexual exploitation (CSE)rapesexual harassment and assault and grooming. Get advice on what you can do if you have been sexually abused, and how you can ask for helpcope with the impact of crime and make safer choices.

If you need support because you have been a victim of child sexual abuse, please contact Childline on 0800 1111 or on a one-to-one online chat session