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Covering your tracks

National Stalking Awareness Week 2016

18 April 2016

This week, You & Co is supporting National Stalking Awareness Week (18-24 April 2016)

National Stalking Awareness Week aims to help people understand what stalking is, how serious an issue it can be and how you can get help if you are experiencing stalking and harassment. 


What is stalking and harassment?

Stalking and harassment is when someone tries to make contact with you in a way that makes you feel scared, upset or threatened. 

The person or people doing this may be following you, watching or spying on you, contacting you when you don’t want them to (which can include online messages, calls, texts, letters or visits) and possibly being abusive or making threats.

If they are being abusive to you because of your identity (for example, your race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability), this is known as hate crime.

Experiencing stalking and harassment can make you feel worried, sad or angry, and it may feel like you’re trying to deal with it all on your own. But no-one has the right to make you feel frightened or upset, and lots of people find that if they talk to someone it can help.


What you can do

Find out more about stalking and harassment, including information on what you can do and who can help you.  Get advice on how you can ask for help, stay safe online, cope with the impact of crime and make safer choices.

Follow the hashtags #NSAW16 and #StalkingCounts and the accounts @TalkingStalking and @live_life_safe on Twitter for more information and advice on stalking.