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Covering your tracks

Tools for young people experiencing Islamophobia

31 July 2015

With the support of Tell MAMA and Faith Matters, and working alongside young Muslims, Victim Support’s children and young people’s service, You & Co helped develop a range of resources that aim to support young victims experiencing Islamophobia and anti-Muslim abuse and violence. 

Islamophobia and race hate crimes against Muslims has been increasing, making this an important issue for Victim Support and You & Co.

This project worked alongside three groups of young Muslims across the country, in London, Rotherham and Blackburn. The groups focussed on discussions around what Islamophobia means and the impact this has on young people, as well as how young people can access support and whether they would report an Islamophobic incident.


Findings from the research groups found that:

  1. Children and young people don’t always know what Islamophobia is and how to report this – young people needed more information about Islamophobia, different ways to report, and different people they could report to.
  2. Children and young people fear repercussions of reporting Islamophobic incidents - young people thought they would be called names, seen as weak, or would make things worse if they reported
  3. Negative perceptions of the police can deter reporting of Islamophobia - young people thought that the police could not help them, would not have time to deal with them, or what happened to them would not be taken seriously.
  4. The media and social media exacerbates Islamophobia - many young people felt that social media increased the likelihood of an Islamophobia incident taking place, and often made things worse.
  5. Experiences of Islamophobia have gender differences - young people felt that girls and boys experience Islamophobia differently.

Download the full report, Islamophobia - Children and young people's experiences


We have listened to young people and developed the following resources to help address the findings that came from the research groups:

We would also like to thank the staff and young people at SLYNCS, a youth social action organisation, who helped with the development of the resources and production of our film clip.

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