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Covering your tracks

Welcome to You & Co

23 February 2015

You & Co is a brand new website for children and young people under 18 years old who have been victims or witnesses of crime.

On You & Co you can find lots of information about what to do if you’ve been a victim of crime, such as a mugging, robbery, bullying, violence, sexual abuse, online crime or anything else. There’s also information for people who have witnessed crimes happen.

If you’re going to give evidence, the interactive court room allows you to click around and get a feel for what goes on in a court. Here you can find out what a judge does, what support is available and special measures you can request from the judge to help you give evidence.

There are also some great videos telling the stories of young people and how they have dealt with being a victim or witness of crime..

As well as all this there are tips on how to stay safe, how to report a crime, what your rights are, how you can help your friends, how to move on afterwards and more.

You don’t need a PC or laptop to access You & Co, it works well on a smart phone, making it useful when you’re on the move.