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You & Co celebrates Pride 2016

27 July 2016 - by Amy Chan, National Youth Forum member

An exciting weekend coming up! On Saturday 30 July we will be taking part in Norwich PrideNottinghamshire Pride and the very first Pride Herefordshire, events that provide a platform for the LGBT+ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, non-binary, asexual, polysexual, genderqueer and gender variant) to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues and campaign for equality.

Pride events celebrate the diversity and talent of the LGBT+ community. More like a carnival, Pride Festival showcases the many talents of the LGBT+ community through dancing, singing and exhibitions.

Staff and volunteers from You & Co and our programme for adults, Victim Support, will be running stalls where people can come and find out about services in the area and how we can help support them if they experience crime. Chris, one of our brilliant staff in Hereford, tells us what they have planned:

Victim Support will be at Hereford’s first LGBT Pride this Saturday,  promoting the services we provide in the local area.

We will also be advertising that we are a third-party reporting centre for hate crime and that incidents of hate should not be accepted.

Hereford Pride will be a day full of live music, carnival acts, stalls and information stands, and so much more – it should be a very fun day!

There are lots of Pride events taking place across England and Wales in 2016, so search online to find out when your local Pride is happening and how you can get involved. 

As well as being a celebration, Pride also gives people a chance to speak about the challenges faced by LGBT+ members,what they have achieved and what still needs to be done. 

Earlier this year Victim Support (VS) was announced as the top-ranked LGBT+ third sector employer in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index, at number 13 in the list overall and number 3 in Wales. We are proud to be an inclusive, diverse charity and we look forward to showing our support at Pride celebrations across the country.

At You & Co, we are supporting Pride and the LGBT+ community by providing support for anyone affected by hate crime. If you have been affected by bullying, abuse or assault, or you feel like you’re not coping or have a friend you are worried about, you can get advice on how to ask for help and find support.

More information can be found on the ThinkUKnow website, which has information about meeting other LGBT members online, and the Imaan website, which provides support for LGBT Muslims. There are also many LGBT youth groups across the UK - you can search for youth groups in your area using this Stonewall search tool!