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Covering your tracks

You & Co support Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day

Today (18 March) You & Co and Victim Support are supporting Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day. This is a day specifically to highlight the issues that surround child sex exploitation and encourage people to spot the signs of the victims suffering it.


Child sexual exploitation is when a person under the age of 18 is manipulated or forced into sexual activity. It is common for victims of child exploitation to display signs this abuse is happening, such as depression and anxiety.

As part of child sexual exploitation day there are two campaigns running on Twitter. The #Helpinghands campaign is encouraging everyone to tweet a pledge of support written on their hands with the hastag. There is also a Thunderclap campaign which will automatically tweet a show of support from your account if you sign up.

You & Co also has further information about child sexual exploitation and information about how you can get help if you are a victim or if you know a victim.