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You & Co supports Anti-Bullying Week 2016

21 November 2016

You & Co are proud to have supported this year’s Anti-Bullying Week (14-18 November) by taking part in a number of special events and holding workshops across schools and colleges in the UK. The theme of this year’s Anti-Bullying Week was Power of Good, which encouraged everyone to think about how they can use their power to help stop bullying. 


Twitter Hackathon and Anti-Bullying Alliance parliamentary reception

Amy Chan and Nazmin Khatun from You & Co’s National Youth Forum, and Gemma Slinn from the National CYP Team, took part in Anti-Bullying Alliance’s Hackathon at Twitter HQ last month. They joined other young representatives from YoungNCB, Diana Award, London Fire Brigade Cadets, West Berkshire Council and Toynbee Hall to share plans and ideas for this year’s Anti-Bullying Week campaign. Watch a film from the Hackathon day here.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance kindly invited Amy and Nazmin to their Anti-Bullying Week reception held at the House of Commons. It was an inspiring night with speeches celebrating achievements of anti-bullying campaigns and calling for further action. Amy describes the evening:

I was honoured to be invited to attend the Anti-Bullying Association. It was held at the Houses of Parliament, which was very grand and exciting. We heard touching and eye-opening accounts from people about their experiences overcoming the effects of bullying.

Gloucestershire youth forum on bullying

You & Co workers in Gloucestershire held a youth forum on bullying with students in years 8-10 at All Saints Academy in Cheltenham, who created some amazing posters and gave us some great feedback on the bullying pages on our website. John de Gruyther tells us a bit more about the day's events:

We challenged the students to design a poster to display at school during Anti-Bullying Week. Now that they had heard our thoughts about bullying and how to stop it, what was their individual message to their fellow students? They responded enthusiastically and came up with some vibrant and creative designs. The forum showed us the importance of giving young people a space to express themselves and tell us, in their own words, what they think would be useful to them. 

Tackling hate crime in schools

A number of CYP workers took part in an event hosted by The Heartstone Project that showcased exhibitions - ‘The Heartstone Odyssey’ and ‘Chandra’s London’ - to raise discussion and debate about how UK schools are working to tackle hate crime.

The event focused on how to work innovatively with children and young people (9+), building on the ideas they are forming about the world, in order to tackle hate crime and bullying in schools.


National Youth Forum anti-bullying session

Our National Youth Forum, based in London, discussed the possible motivations behind bullying and what more could be done by young people, teachers, parents/carers, tech companies and charities to help prevent it and to support those who are affected by it.

We looked at lots of practical potential solutions to tackle bullying both offline and online, such as peer mentoring, online chat support, open-door policies at schools, emotion trackers on social media sites to log your mood, supportive hashtags and Youtuber-led online campaigns, guerrilla awareness-raising activities on the street, and interactive in-school programmes supported by young anti-bullying champions.

National Youth Forum members produced brilliant, creative calls to action, designed for sharing online – they agreed that anti-bullying messages have to be continually repeated so the message gets through to young people, but that “it’s better to figure it out yourself rather than people telling you word by word, and it needs to be more creative and interactive and less formal”. 


How you can help

Although Anti-Bullying Week is over for this year, there are still many ways you can get involved and support anti-bullying campaigns. If you'd like to help other children and young people who are experiencing bullying, why not get involved with You & Co? You can work in your school as a peer mentor or join our National Youth Forum to share your ideas about what You & Co should do to help victims.


Get help if you are being bullied

Find out what you can do if you are being bullied, whether you are experiencing online bullying or it is happening face to face, or both. There are many different types of bullying, and it can make you feel sad, worried, angry or lonely - especially if you feel like you're trying to deal with it all by yourself. Read our information on how you can ask for help and what to do if you feel like you're not coping.