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Covering your tracks

Youth detainees choose Victim Support’s You & Co programme as their charity of the year

23 July 2015

Young people at Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre (STC) presented Amanda Naylor and Gemma Potter from Victim Support’s children and young people’s programme, with a cheque for £2,000 to further the fantastic work of You & Co.

Rainsbrook STC looks to rehabilitate young offenders of serious crime, many of whom are serving significant custodial sentences. 

Amanda talked to staff and young people at the presentation. She commented: “Research shows us that young people who commit crime, are often those who have been child victims of the most serious crime and abuse. You & Co understands this and works with all young people to help them cope with their experiences of violence and abuse

“We have demonstrated through our model that if we can enable young people to develop new safer strategies and protective behaviours then this impacts on the numbers of young people who offend and engage in risky behaviours.”

Gemma said, “What makes this award so important is that You & Co have been chosen by the young people as their charity of choice and it is the donations from young people themselves that have made up the £2,000.” 

Two young people from Rainsbrook explained how they give 50p each per week from their small allowance to the victim fund. Then the exchange group, a meeting of all young people in Rainsbrook, decide on which charity they would like to donate to.  Young people became aware of You & Co through the website being promoted by the Youth Justice Board.

You & Co are looking to continue the partnership with Rainsbrook and identify whether any ongoing programmes could be delivered within the STC for young people to help them with their victim experiences.