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Covering your tracks

Ash's experience

Ash's friend Dean, 17, was a victim of a violent assault when he was attacked in the street by two boys from college, leaving him with facial injuries and two broken ribs.

Ash's experience

Watch the film clip to see how  Ash:

  • Is affected by what happens to Dean
  • Tries to help Dean recover from what happened


What happened?

One night, Dean and his friends were approached by another group from college, who shouted abuse at Dean, targeting his identity, like the way he dressed and the music he listened to. This abuse continued into college and online through Facebook and Twitter.

Two nights later, Dean was leaving the park alone, when a couple of the boys from the group started verbally abusing him. Dean answered back and the boys attacked him. Two people passing by stopped the attack and called an ambulance. Dean was left with facial injuries and two fractured ribs. Dean gave a statement to the police explaining what happened, but without naming the boys from college as he was afraid of what might happen. When he was first contact by You & Co Dean did not want any help.

How did Dean feel?

Dean was scared but felt that he should have stood up to the attackers. Dean was frightened to leave the house, and started skipping college, worried about who he would bump into and what might happen to him. He felt isolated and alone, not accepting support from his mum, and staying in his room playing computer games all day. He was worried his friends might also get attacked if they spent time with him.

How did You & Co help?

At first, Dean refused help from You & Co, he thought this would make things worse for him. His young victim’s worker understood his worries and gave Dean time; he didn’t give up and eventually Dean began to trust that his worker could help.

Dean’s worker developed a safety plan with Dean to look at safe ways to travel around the area, helping Dean to sort out travelling with his friend Ash, and having emergency numbers to call if he needed. Dean was worried that his friends might get targeted too so the young victim’s worker helped him to talk to his friends and got in touch with college about to help keep Dean and his friends safe.

Information on assualt

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