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Covering your tracks

Maryam’s experience

Maryam, 13 experienced Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate crime.

Maryam's story

Maryam, a young Muslim was catching up with friends for a hot chocolate when she witnessed a homeless person, wearing a Hijab, approach a group of white girls that were sat next to her and her friends. 

When the homeless person asked for money, the girls responded by swearing and saying “why are you begging in my country, go back to your own county. What if I went to your country and begged for money I would get kidnapped and killed”.

Maryam overhead these remarks and felt she couldn’t keep quiet so politely spoke to the girls saying “listen that wasn’t a nice thing to say”.

They lashed out at Maryam, swearing and saying “go back to your country you terrorist, I will bomb your face off”.

They then slapped Maryam, pulled at her headscarf and kicked her. 

Maryam was not only affected by the physical attack, but was deeply impacted by the words that were used. She felt weak from the shock. 

Maryam decided to report to the police as it felt like the right thing to do for her.

She wants to share her story so that other young Muslim’s will feel more confident to report.

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