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Journey to Justice

Welcome to Journey to Justice. There is lots of information in this interactive space to help you understand what happens when you report a crime to the police.

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This is a place for you to explore. You can find out what the police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) do when investigating and charging someone for a crime. You do not need to access all this information at once, and you may choose to visit Journey to Justice a few times. You may also choose to look through this information with a young victims' worker or a trusted adult.

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What is Journey to Justice?

Everybody’s individual journey through the criminal justice system will be different, and may end at different points. However, there are certain rights that everyone is entitled to, and the police and CPS follow the same processes with all victims of crime. Journey to Justice gives you information about all of the potential options, and the police can help you understand how this affects your individual case.

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